About Us

Welcome to Ali's Emporium, a whole world of hand-made Turkish products.  All products sold on this site are hand made in Turkey. The lamps, in particular, have an interesting history in that they were originally developed during the time modern Turkey was part of the great Ottoman Empire.

At that time, these lights were developed and used solely by royalty within the sultanate. However, recently the public has since been given permission to make them and distribute them freely.   When you buy a lamp from us, you are buying a piece of history, a souvenir of the Ottoman Empire that stretched across the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North Africa for hundreds of years beginning with the historic capture of Constantinople (modern Istanbul), in 1453.

The lamps, the bowls, the cushions,  and plates... there is just too much to mention.  Different colours and sizes are available.  

Our shop opened in Dorking High Street in August 2019 - and our online shop opened in June 2020.  Thank you for visiting!